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Hasbro’s popular toy Mr. Potato Head will no longer be called “Mr. Potato Head” as part of a company’s strategy to make the figure gender neutral and attract more consumers.

From now on, the character is simply called Potato Head, and it will appear on the toy boxes this year.

The strategy of the firm seeks that more children can feel identified with the character, especially when “creating” a family with their toys and thus respond to concerns that escape the norm.


The company has also announced that the toy, which features a plastic potato with removable parts such as the glasses, mustache, nose and mouth, will also be made in a more sustainable way.

This responds to an announcement made last year that anticipated that the products will be made from plastic of plant origin and would have less plastic packaging.

During an investor presentation, Hasbro noted that toys that reflect consumer values ​​are particularly important today.

As part of this change, it will launch a new set of potato heads so that children can create their own type of family, whether it is with two moms or two dads.

This Hasbro decision is also expected to encourage other companies not to assign genders to their toys.

It should be remembered that, previously, other companies such as Mattel and American Girl have been open to incorporating new proposals in their designs in order to represent a richer diversity in terms of skin colors and body types, which has been well received by the consumers.

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