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The most recent title from Riot Games, Valorant, is a class-based shooter game, like Overwatch, but with mechanics that resemble those of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Even so, Valorant It has several aspects that make it unique and many new features that must be mastered if you want to lead your team to victory. Therefore, here we share our guide Valorant with the best tips to start playing.

Aim for the head

Headshots make a difference in Valorant, but it is more complicated than targeting any part of the body and hoping for the best. Even if you haven’t mastered the recoil system yet, you should try to get as many headshots as possible.

Like Apex legends and many others shooters competitive, headshots deal roughly twice as much damage as a body shot (and those aimed at the legs deal even less damage). The difference with a game like Apex legends is that you cannot run away. All things being equal, the player who gets the headshot first will generally win the fight. This is especially true given how narrow the maps are Valorant, which forces you to participate in most of the encounters. For this reason, you should always shoot for the head.

Control weapon recoil

As we mentioned earlier, whoever shoots to the head has an advantage, however, you should not start by aiming at that point. Weapons in Valorant They have a lot of kickback, and mastering it is key if you want to be successful. If you are firing an automatic weapon, you should aim so that its fifth or sixth bullet hits the head. That will do a significant amount of damage to the body as you aim one last bullet at the head to finish the job. Each weapon’s recoil is different, so you should try to familiarize yourself with your favorite gear.

Alternatively, you can fire single shots or short bursts. This is a useful tool in your arsenal, although you should not rely too much on it. If your opponent has mastered the recoil and you are shooting slowly, with a bullet or two, you will be the one who takes the most damage. This technique is best used in long-range encounters, where your recoil is much more exaggerated.

Choose your Agent with caution

Valorant Guide

Valorant has four types of Agents and each has a different purpose on the team. Additionally, each Agent has unique abilities, leading to different play styles. Some players point to Raze as the best Agent in the game, although with the game updates Astra is also in that category. However, leaving aside what is considered “best”, you should learn how to take advantage of your character’s abilities. Next, we will explain the types of Agents that are in Valorant.


Duelists are the cast’s “DPS” (Damage Per Second) characters. His skills are focused on generating damage and that is his main objective in combat. These Agents must be on the front line, ready for any encounter. If you’re still not comfortable with your aim or want to avoid battles, this class is probably not the best for you. However, if you want to get directly into the action, being a Duelist will make you feel right at home.


The Starters also focus on offense, but in a different way. These are the flankers of the team, who concentrate on opening new lines of attack. Breach’s abilities, for example, allow you to stun the opposing team, while Sova reveals enemy positions in a given area. These are still Offensive Agents, but trade brute force for cunning.


Sentinels are the defensive Agents. Its main purpose is to assist Duelists in combat. Sage, for example, can set up ice walls to cut off enemies as well as heal low-health teammates. These Agents should be close to firefights, but at a safe enough distance for them to be able to use their abilities effectively.


Finally, we have the Controllers. These are the best Agents for reconnaissance and control of areas outside of the main shooting. Your goal is to control how the round unfolds by setting up defenses and moving quickly around the map. The aim of the Controllers is not to get enemy kills at their own hands, but rather to understand the flow of battle and how to react to it.

Before running, walk

If you have played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive before, you’ll know where this is going. Like this shooting game from Valve, Valorant makes your Agent run by default. However, if you hold down the key Shift, which is usually used for sprinting in some games, will make your Agent walk slower. This should be your default state. Running not only makes your weapons less accurate, it also makes a lot of noise. This way, assuming everyone is playing quietly, as they should, you will stand out in a bad way and give away your position.

Shooting while crouching is also important in Valorant. It is a strategy that the opposing team will use, therefore, you must be prepared for it, but it is something that you must also master. Crouching down just before launching a burst of bullets will help control the distribution of the bullets and hopefully ruin your opponent’s sights. However, you don’t always have to crouch down to shoot. If your opponents are doing it and expecting you to do it, standing can put you at a greater advantage.

Coordinate the purchase of equipment

Talk to your team as much as possible. This is important in every round, of course, but it is also important during the buying phase. If your team is low on money, coordinate with your teammates to see who buys what, and when you have money, make sure everyone goes into battle with purchased armor and abilities. The important thing here is to understand that you receive a limited money fund, just like your entire team. If your teammates are on the same page as you on how to spend each round, it will lead to more money in later rounds, allowing for a unified assault against the enemy team.

As the rounds continue, some players will have more money than others. Again, your team must work together to purchase weapons and abilities for any player who has run out of money. Each team can do this in a different way. They can divide the equipment into partial purchases, complete purchases, or no purchase at all. If they opt for full purchases, they all stock up. If they decide not to buy, everyone plays only with what they have, and if they make partial purchases, the most important method, the team coordinates to have the minimum equipment for everyone while saving money for the next rounds.

Teamwork is crucial

It is no surprise to anyone that teamwork is key in Valorant. It’s important when you’re in the middle of a round, sure, but it affects other areas as well. You should discuss with your team about purchasing skills, which Agent each member will choose, and the general strategy for the game outside of the rounds. If you don’t want to play as a team, Valorant it’s still a lot of fun. However, you will lose many more games than you will win. You can watch the video above to get an idea of ​​how to communicate in each round, although keep in mind that it is in English.

Subvert expectations

Like buying skills, subverting expectations is something that can be used in teamwork. How have you been attacking the target? Are there alternative paths you haven’t taken? You should ask yourself these questions and so should your team, especially in the middle of the game. To be clear, you are not trying to fool your opponent. Rather, you are trying to identify any patterns that you have been exhibiting, and by breaking those patterns, you can gain an advantage.

Let’s say you’re on the attacking team and your teammates have been planting the bomb at Site A for five rounds. After that, most likely the opposing team is waiting for you there; Or maybe, depending on the patterns of your team or how predictable the attack is, the enemies are waiting for you to change places. Of course, this all depends on how the game unfolds and who you are playing against. Be that as it may, what should be constant is communication with your team and defining strategies to drive opponents out of the way.

Go for the assault rifle

The players of CS: GO You already know: everything revolves around the M4 and AK guns. In Valorant, their equivalents are the Phantom and the Vandal, respectively. These weapons are, in the vast majority of cases, strictly better than any other weapon on the list. And it is not a matter of favoritism, if you do not believe us, take a look at the Specifications of these weapons. These are the ones that will do the most damage in the shortest time possible.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy other items. Sniper rifles can benefit you during long-range battles. On the other hand, SMGs can help you advance early in the game without spending a lot of money on weapons. However, as the game progresses, we suggest having a Phantom or Vandal rifle in your team. The Phantom works similarly to the M4 in CS: GO. It will most likely become your weapon of choice when in the middle of a mid-range battle, because it offers limited recoil. With less recoil you have more precision, thus improving the chances of you eliminating your target.

Rather, the Vandal functions like the AK in CS: GO. Its strong recoil will immediately deflect your aim if you are using it in close range battles. However, its power is insane and allows to annihilate enemies from afar; It is the best choice for long distance shooting. You can use the Vandal to get more headshots from a far distance or even to protect yourself in close proximity. And if you manage to land a headshot, the Valdal can kill your foe even while wearing substantial armor. This weapon offers a unique and effective combination of an assault rifle and a sniper rifle.

Practice makes a master

Valorant Guide

Finally, the key to improving your playing skills is to practice regularly at a shooting range. This will allow you to get used to different weapons and understand the capabilities of each Agent. With this combination, you will surely be successful while playing Valorant. Use the firing range to experiment with your weapons and test the recoils, this will help you with your aim.

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