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Many things can be said about Facebook and the way it conducts its policies, but so far, it is paying off. An example? In his recent financial report, announced that they raised 48% more than last year in the same quarter of January and March, which translates to $ 9.5 billion dollars.

Of course, these improvements have to do with advertising (it could not be otherwise). According to the social network, the area of ​​ads increased by 30% compared to the same period of the previous year thanks to the fact that the average price of an ad is higher than before, and also because more ads were shown in total (12% of increase).

Instead, what is not moving too much for Facebook has to do with the number of users in total. In Europe, they increased from 308 to 309 million daily active users, while in North America (specifically, Canada and the United States), the number remained at 195 million. In total, Facebook has 3.45 billion active users per month across all its platforms, which include Instagram, Facebook, and Facebook Messenger.

Facebook hopes that for the next period the numbers will not increase too much, which may be normal after a quarter where growth has been no less. And this in part will have its origin in that particularly Apple will become more strict in terms of its user data, which is very useful for Facebook when it comes to ultra-targeted advertising.

And about Apple …


The company run by Tim Cook also takes happy accounts thanks to the $ 89.6 billion dollars raised between January and March 2021, which represents an increase of 54% compared to 2020.

According to Apple, this growth is mainly due to its product area, which includes all the iPhone, iPad and MacBook. The company says the number of active devices is at all-time highs, although they did not disclose specific numbers.

These results from Apple and Facebook, added to those presented by Microsoft and Google recently, reveal that large technology companies were not affected too much by the pandemic, but even the opposite. More people in the houses implies more people connected to the Internet and more people exposed to advertising, which explains the increase in profits and collection in that area.

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