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We live in a society in which it is common to put a snack in your mouth while doing an activity that involves technology, for example, when working on the computer or playing a video game. And food does not go well with clothing, keyboards, or remote controls, as it is usually possible to leave everything dirty.

That’s where a new product called Snactiv, which is nothing more than a “futuristic and multitasking tool for eating”, according to the authors’ description, with which both the hands and any other device will be free of food remains.

The Snactiv appeared on Kickstarter and it is basically sticks that are held and manipulated with the fingers, but without using the tips. This allows, for example, to have a joystick in your hand and put some candy, sushi or any other similar food in your mouth, but without dirtying anything in the process.

The project sought to raise $ 20,000 dollars to materialize, which has already been far exceeded ($ 41,700 at the time of writing this article). The minimum contribution is $ 19 dollars and allows one unit to be made; when paying $ 23 dollars a case is added to keep them. For $ 73 dollars, you can take four chopsticks with their respective case.

The creators of the project hope to distribute them from September 2021 to those who make their contributions in advance, although they are still expected to be sold in traditional commerce in the future. As with Kickstarter projects, you have to consider a margin in case it is delayed in delivery or, in the worst case, is canceled.

In short, I see myself with a Snactiv at home. My Xbox controls and keyboard on my computer will appreciate it.

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