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Right in the midst of the Clubhouse decline, Twitter makes its audio room tool official.

Twitter Spaces It is now available, but unfortunately not for everyone. The platform requires that the accounts meet some requirements to be able to use it. Specifically, Twitter Spaces is limited so that only those accounts with 600 followers or more can create rooms.

According to some reports, Twitter has not arbitrarily set the limit of 600 followers, but the company considers that accounts with more followers can have a “better experience” by creating chat rooms with live conversations because they have an audience. largest to connect with.

If your account meets this requirement and you want to create your first chat room, you just have to update the app to its latest available version. Next, press and hold the ‘Write’ button with the pen icon and select the Spaces button in purple.

In the next step you can select who will get permission to speak in the conversation. You can choose between “Everyone”, “People you follow” or “Only the people you invite to speak”. Add a name to your room and finally click “Start your space” to begin.

At the moment it is unknown when Twitter will remove this limit to create rooms. Twitter Spaces is also expected to support multiple hosts for audio rooms in the near future, and users will be able to charge for access to their rooms. They can also schedule and set reminders about their rooms or those of other hosts that they do not want to miss.

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