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When night mode was first announced on phones, we were told that it would improve the quality of our sleep. And how did that turn out? According to a study published by Sleep health, the reality is that no night mode on any phone makes us sleep better.

The research was carried out with an iPhone, using the Night Shift mode that -like what happens with the night mode in Android-, changes the tone of some colors on the screen, reducing the blue flash and emitting a more friendly light. for the eye in the night hours.

The experiment involved 167 people, who were randomly assigned three “states” prior to going to sleep: for a week, some had to use a phone without the phone. Night shift activated. Others had to use a phone with Night Shift activated, during the same period. And finally, there was a group that simply did not use a phone before going to sleep.

Then, by means of a bracelet-type device, all the participants were measured some parameters related to their sleep, such as the duration of the same or the time elapsed between the lights turning off and the person falling asleep, in what is known as latency. of the dream.

The results indicated that there were no major differences in sleep quality for all participants, regardless of whether they used a phone or not. Of course, among those who slept more than seven hours there were some differences and those who did not look at the phone before sleeping had a better quality of sleep in general.

But on the other hand, among those who slept less than seven hours there was no significant difference in the quality of sleep associated with the use or non-use of the cell phone.

In more colloquial terms, from the study it can be extracted that in reality the night mode of the phones does not have much relevance and that in order to sleep better, what should be done is simply not to use a screen in the time before going to the bed. Likewise, it is also concluded that when the user is very tired, he will fall asleep no matter how long he spends in front of the screen before falling asleep in the arms of Morpheus.

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