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According to an article by ProtocolNetflix is ​​experimenting with a new service that could soon reach all users.

This is N-Plus, which would offer access to new material and which would include personalized playlists, podcasts and behind the scenes.

According to the article, the company has been surveying certain user groups where there is talk of a new “online space where you can learn more about the Netflix shows you like and everything related to them.”

Thus, through N-Plus, the user could create playlists with his favorite shows and could share those lists with his friends online.

The platform could also include all the music from a television show and allow people to create playlists from that content.

Based on these series of surveys, it can be deduced that N-Plus could allow users to “interact” with the original series of the platform that are in production.

One of the questions in the survey asked what the user would think of “discovering things about a program in pre-production and influencing its development with opinions before the shooting ends”.

In the material that Protocol has managed to collect, it also talks about content generated by users in the form of reviews, which will be shown to other users to whom the algorithm of the platform decides that it may be interesting.

According to the survey, Netflix’s intention behind N-Plus would be as follows:

“You may come to N-Plus when you Google something about a series or actors in a series that interests you, or you may find links to it in messages you receive from Netflix, or there may be a link to it on pages within the Netflix application “.

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