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The 2021 Nissan Kicks It is an ideal economy vehicle for the city, which can be a perfect gift for recent graduates or a great buy for those looking for their first car, as it has good fuel efficiency and is also economical.

Nissan Kicks SR: the sports version

The Nissan Kicks SR is the sportiest and most youthful version of this vehicle from the Japanese company, which may convince you from the outset with its distinctive design touches: gray sports seats with orange strings, 17-inch black aluminum wheels and duotone exterior (the car we tested was blue and black, but you can combine it as you wish), although there is also a one-color version.

Inside, the door trims are quite strong plastic and it is nice that the window controls are in a comfortable place, however the cup holders leave a lot to say, as some do not fit well and you could end up spilling your drink.

Something that will definitely catch the attention of young buyers are the led lights on the underside of the car – it looks like you’re in the middle of a party while driving.

The back is quite comfortable for two people; in the center there is free space to place the shopping bags or whatever you want. In addition, the trunk is incredibly large, which makes this vehicle attractive for lovers of excursions and weekend trips.

Wholesale entertainment

This year’s Nissan Kicks incorporates an 8-inch screen that has pros and cons: you can connect your phone and have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto directly, but if you want to use Nissan Connect, the software feels a bit old, and although the keys and the screen works and looks good, it probably needs an update to make it look more modern.

If you’re wondering about ports, this car has up to four between regular USB and USB-C, two in the front and two in the rear.

In terms of sound, Nissan incorporates Bose technology in its speakers, as well as a speaker in the headrest of the driver’s seat for an elevated music experience.

In addition, the dashboard has a digital screen where you can see the music you play and receive some safe driving alarms that I will tell you about in the next section.

Nissan Kicks: safe driving

The 2021 Nissan Kicks incorporates some technologies that make driving and feeling safer. This vehicle has a lane departure alert and an alarm to indicate that there are vehicles in your blind spot. In testing I heard a beep and felt a vibration from the steering wheel. The first time it scared me, but then it gave me confidence to know that this system was activated, since it adds security when parents leave their cars to their children, for example.

2021 Nissan Kicks

To this technology we must add that it incorporates the intelligent peripheral vision monitor called Around View, which consists of four cameras that help you park by showing a view of the vehicle from all four sides.

I think this is an ideal tool to eliminate the fear that some people have when parking, although the rear fisheye camera was not my favorite solution in this section.

Nissan also includes front and rear automatic emergency brakes, and more expensive models – like this one I drove – have adaptive cruise control.

Technical characteristics

The engine of this vehicle is 1.6 liters, four cylinders and only comes with front wheel drive, while the transmission is continuous and variable. It has a weight of 1,178 kilograms and a fuel capacity of 41 liters.

It’s a fairly smooth-driving vehicle, its acceleration time is satisfactory, and according to Nissan this car will also help save money on fuel, since it only uses one gallon for every 31 miles (49 kilometers) if you drive it in the city.

Pricing for the Nissan Kicks starts at $ 20,000.

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