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Regardless of the segment, electric cars come with an enormous force, whether they are subcompacts, sports or luxury and work, that perhaps the latter can be contrasting, but Ford knows that it is possible to put those two words together in one vehicle. After months of speculation, Ford reveals the name of its electric pickup: F-150 Lightning.


The name Lightning is not the first time it has been used in the American company, a few years ago it was used for a vehicle in high contrast with the current pickup, that pickup liked to burn fuel, it was part of the SVT division and it poured hand of a powerful eight-cylinder engine; despite that, the new electric F-150 will be faster.

Ford Lightning SVT
Ford Lightning SVT Edmunds

The F-150 is a product of vital importance for the brand, just to give you an idea, the F series generates more income than companies, like, for example: McDonalds, so joining the electric trend was a must for Ford.

The F series is a very complete product and until now it has been innovative in many aspects, this has earned it its great success. Maybe with a generator or if you need a work table in the pan door, maybe you just prefer to have enough space for your laptop or you need to know the weight of the load you are carrying; in any case, the F-150 has you covered.

Ford Lightning badge

The new F-150 Lightning will come to join the new Ford electric range, where the Mach-E has made a significant breakthrough and has enjoyed good acceptance in its short life.

Production of the F-150 Lightning will begin in spring 2021 at the brand’s brand new facility, under the name: Rouge Electric Vehicle Center.

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