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In prehistory, curious events occurred that could only be discovered millions of years later. And an example of this is a curious fossil of a squid that, while devouring its prey, was bitten by a shark.

The shark left the scene, but the squid and the crustacean descended to the seabed (which now corresponds to Germany) and there they were fossilized until they were discovered by a fossil collector in the 70s. And only in 2019, a group of Researchers discovered the specimen in a private collection, so they proceeded to acquire it for further study.

The results of that study were published in the Swiss Journal of Paleontology and the researchers indicate that it is a belemnite, an extinct species that belongs to the squid family. While the belemnite savored its prey, it did not detect the presence of a shark, which applied a lethal bite to its soft parts

One of the paleontologists indicated to Live Science that this fossil is unique because there are currently only a dozen belemnite fossils with soft parts. And that this fossil like this is possible because “predators tend to be happier when they eat, so they forget to pay attention to their environment and danger.”

Thanks to this finding, the term was also coined pabulita, which is a mix between the words pabulum and lithos which in Latin mean food and stones, respectively. “The pabulitas they are usually incomplete remains of organisms that show traces of predation and that allow us to know anatomical details that would otherwise be invisible ”, the study explains.

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