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Finally, the Chinese Long March 5B rocket landed in the Indian Ocean, north of the Maldives archipelago. In this way, the possibility of the 21-ton object falling on populated areas was ruled out.

However, from NASA they harshly criticized the Chinese government for its management in the face of this emergency, especially for having lost control over the rocket that last week took part of the Chinese space station into space.

The administrator of NASA, Bill Nelson, said that the attitude of the Asian giant had been irresponsible and not very transparent in the face of the uncontrolled fall of the Long March 5B.

“It is clear that China is not meeting responsible standards regarding its space debris,” said the senator.

“Nations with space travel should minimize the risks to people and property on Earth from reentry of space objects and maximize transparency regarding those operations.”

China responds

Through the official Global Times newspaper, China responded to the series of questions about the fall of the rocket.

The media called it a “blatant exaggeration” that comes from “people jealous of China’s rapid progress in space technology.”

At the same time, the editorial published in the newspaper highlights that “there is no evidence to show that the landing points of the US rocket remains are more controllable compared to those of China.”

The article points out that unless a rocket is fully recycled, there will always be some “uncontrollable factors.”

Finally, it is noted that in almost sixty years of space activities, the calculated fall of rocket debris has not caused victims so far.

“The risks of falling rocket debris are the same, no matter who owns the rocket. It is seriously anti-intellectual to claim that China’s rocket debris is especially dangerous, ”the reply ends.

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