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One of the most anticipated features of iOS 14.5 was the tracking tool, which gives iPhone phone users greater control over the information they share with the applications they install on their devices.

The tool was resisted by some application development companies – a protest led in particular by Facebook, which must now request authorization from users if they wish to use their data to deliver personalized advertisements according to their online activity.

How does this tool work? For example, when you open the Facebook application you will see a message saying that it wants to track you through other applications and services. You will have two options: “Ask the application not to track” or “Allow”.

And while only a handful of iOS users have authorized monitoring for apps like Facebook, the tool debuted with multiple glitches in late April 2021. This forced Apple to release an update within days. But even the arrival of iOS 14.5.1 in early May 2021 was not enough, with many people reporting that the update caused the feature to go blank.

How to fix iOS 14.5 anti-tracking feature

The anti-tracking feature in iOS 14.5 gives users greater control over the information they share with app developers. Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

While waiting for the Cupertino firm to launch an update that will allow to definitively resolve the inconveniences that have tarnished the debut of the anti-tracking function of iOS 14.5, some alternatives have emerged in Apple forums that allow solving these problems.

Step 1: log out of the App Store

To log out of the App Store, it is necessary to start the application from the Apple application store, select the icon located in the upper right part of the screen and go to the end of the menu and choose the option Sign off.

Step 2: restart iPhone

When you have logged out of the App Store, you must restart your phone. Although it is possible to turn it off immediately, the recommended way is to go to the menu Setting and press the option general, where at the end the button will be available To turn off.

Step 3: log back into the App Store

When the iPhone has restarted, it is necessary to log in to the App Store again, for which it will be necessary to enter your Apple ID and password.

Step 4: check your privacy settings

With these simple steps, Apple’s anti-tracking feature should be available on your device. To check, go to Setting, select the option Privacy and later Tracing.

If everything has been successful, in this section you should see a list with the applications that have requested permission to track you and make the changes as you see fit. Otherwise, you will have to wait until the release of iOS 14.5.2.

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