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Black holes have always been a fascination for scientists, especially because of how enigmatic they are and because of the complexities involved in studying them.

Now, a group of Chilean scientists has designed a material that mimics the properties of a black hole and to achieve this they based on one of the elements that most characterizes these objects: the fact that not even light can escape from them due to its density.

“Imagine that you have a material, or rather a metamaterial that is capable of covering a room, it will not get light, radio waves, or shock waves. What we are investigating is something that does not exist, but when it does, it will have unsuspected applications ”, says Marcel Clerc, academic from the Department of Physics at the University of Chile.


This metamaterial has unique conditions, according to the researchers it is like endowing a material with intelligence. The team looked for a way that this metamaterial could self-assemble using its physical properties and without external intervention.

“This mechanism is based on the inclusion of new artificial materials capable of orienting, for example, the propagation of energy. This can generate self-assembly of interspersed behaviors, forming a pattern or structure ”, explains David Pinto, another of the project participants.

The scientists now hope to partner with metamaterials researchers to move to a more experimental stage and see that the self-assembly model can be replicated in different circumstances.

This work appears published in the latest version of the journal Physical Review Letters, with the title “Self-assembled localized structures induced by non-reciprocal coupling”.

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