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After the presentation of the new generation, surely there were more than one a little disappointed with the fact that they only told us about the eight-cylinder engine. Of course, with the tendency to decrease the displacement and rely on electrical systems, it was something that perhaps we saw coming.

Mercedes Benz

However, now Mercedes gives us the surprise with the inclusion of a 12-cylinder V engine, it presents us some images where you can see the emblems of S680, V12 and the endothermic cover that will be included in the new car.

We have not been told much about the new model yet, perhaps we can expect a reinterpretation of the outgoing generation’s engine, the S650. This has 6.0 liters of displacement of its 12 cylinders, two turbos are used and 621 horsepower is achieved.

Although power is important, these types of cars focus above all on overflowing luxury, exclusivity and all the wishes or eccentricities that their wealthy owner desires, for something are those more than seven additional inches of space in the rear seats, instead where possibly its owner will travel.

2022 Mercedes-Benz Maybach S680 rear seats
Mercedes Benz

With the Maybach S680, Mercedes-Benz enters the fray with well-known names with a long history, such as Rolls Royce with a Ghost or a Phantom if the portfolio allows it; maybe a Bentley Mulsanne if hopefully you still get one (it went off the market in 2020). As a curious fact: a characteristic of these cars is that they usually have two-tone paint, something very particular at this price and luxury level.

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