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Minesweeper It is one of the most popular video games in the world, it is practically known by everyone, to the point that few people stop to read its instructions.

The logic of this game seems quite simple: with several random clicks you have to discover the map and leave little flags where we suppose the bombs are.

So far so good, or that’s what we thought: a TikTok video warns that we may have played badly Minesweeper since ever.

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According to Paisley, the user who uploaded the video to the platform and went viral, the key to Minesweeper It is not in chance but in the colors that appear when you press each square.

The boxes where the numbers are seen indicate the amount of mines that are around, that way the puzzle will be solved by discard. If a 1 appears in one of these, it means that there will be only one mine in the other squares that surround it.

With this information, the person who plays will be able to deduce with certainty where each one of the mines is located.

This kind of revelation makes us think: are there other games that we have played badly all this time? What of Minesweeper It is not just anything, since this title dates from 1989, that is, we have been doing it the wrong way for more than thirty years.

Perhaps one of the greatest lessons from this video is to look at all the signals that can appear in a game, such as the numbers indicated in the boxes of Minesweeper.

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