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In Norway, Tesla was found guilty of limiting the charging speed and decreasing the range of its vehicles through a software update.

The verdict was issued by a court and, unless the company appeals, it will have to pay 136,000 Norwegian crowns, which is equivalent to $ 16,000, to each of the people who may have been affected (so far there are 30 plaintiffs).

The update was sent in 2019 and affected Tesla Model S cars manufactured between 2013 and 2015. At the moment, the manufacturer has not provided a response, so the ruling is favorable to those who filed the lawsuit.

The problem for the company is that the fine could be even greater, since this same judicial process is carried out in other countries.

The company has until May 30 to pay the fine, otherwise it can appeal to the council in Oslo, Norway.

According to a local news portal, the Model S is the vehicle that has sold the most in this period with 10,000 units.

Tesla’s success in Norway goes hand in hand with a European country’s plan for 2025 that seeks to make all new vehicles sold in that territory zero emissions, which is supported by significant tax incentives for buyers.

On an article of The Verge claim to have tried to contact the company, however, a company spokesperson did not respond to requests for an interview. At the same time, the site recalls that Tesla dissolved its public relations department last year.

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