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New Zealand youtuber David Jones sold a unique cardboard Lamborghini made by himself at a profit auction. The sale raised $ 10,420, which was donated to the Starship Children’s Hospital in Auckland, New Zealand.

The young man posted a video on his YouTube channel showing the entire process of building his model, affectionately called Cartonghini, in reference to the material with which it is made.

In the record, Jones explains what led him to design this particular model. Basically, what happened was that the young man could not afford to buy an original Lamborghini model, in addition, according to him, no one would lease this vehicle to a 22-year-old.

In this way, the content creator had no choice but to make his own model.

David Jones designed his car from a miniature paper model he found online. Thus, his Cartonghini measures 1.65 meters wide and 3.78 meters long.

Perhaps most striking of all is that the vehicle can indeed be driven, as seen in the registry.

The young man was happy to be able to make this donation to the hospital, where he himself remained hospitalized for a time due to cancer.

“They were great people and they really took care of me, so when I decided what I was going to do, no other charity crossed my mind,” he said.

The success of this idea whetted the young man’s appetite, who claims to have many other good projects to pursue in the future.

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