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Royole, the company that introduced an interesting folding phone a couple of years ago (the first of its kind, without going any further), is back with a new technology: a stretchable and stretchable micro-LED display.

According to the company, it is the first display of its kind that is compatible with an industrial manufacturing process. “Stretchable screens can not only be folded or rolled”, they indicate in the official Web site, “But they are also capable of adopting various free shapes and concave or convex deformations”.

When it comes to numbers, Royole explains that this technology can be stretched up to 130 percent, in addition to bending by up to 40 degrees. For the purposes of the demonstration, the company designed a panel of 2.7 inches and resolution of 90 x 60 pixels, which can change shape without problems as seen in the image below.

But while its elastic characteristics are important, so are the aspects related to the screens themselves. In this sense, this micro-LED technology can have densities of 120 pixels per inch, which makes it viable for various devices; for example, a 25-inch screen at 1920 x 1080 resolution has a density of 88 pixels per inch.

The results of this Royole technology are interesting, because they would allow us to take a step forward in terms of folding devices. Until now, the most common version of something of this type is in the various folding phones that are for sale, although these have certain limitations in their form and for now, they are far from popular.

In any case, what is presented by the company seems to be still in a too experimental phase to be considered viable in more massive products.

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