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Miniature vehicles can do everything. They are desired by collectors, while they turn out to be good childhood toys; some even have the odyssey of challenging a Tesla. But what they do on the YouTube channel 3Dbotmaker escapes all of the above: miniature car racing with high-end production.

This production implies not only putting a couple of vehicles to compete on a track, but setting that track with all the laws. This means: creating miniatures of what happens around the circuits -landscapes, bleachers, booths-, putting toy audiences either watching the race or as part of the production and above all that, filming the competition as if it were a television broadcast.

That of the television broadcast is taken very seriously, since the events are narrated by two people just as it is done in a real sporting event. Prior to races, they provide context about the type of competition or provide trivia about the participants. Then, when the flag is raised, they narrate what is happening in real time. And at the end, they celebrate the feat of the winner while analyzing repetitions and explaining why this or that situation occurred.

Similar recreations may exist on the internet, but it is going to be difficult to find a production of this caliber. 3Dbotmaker They are dedicated to producing various types of these events, with different rules, settings and situations. The only constant is the miniature cars, ranging from street car models to trucks.

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