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This article is likely to contain spoilers for Friends: The Reunion.

The reunion of the actors who gave life to the iconic Friends It was one of the biggest news of the show in the last week.

The event served to give life to Friends: The Reunion, special now available on HBO Max.

One of the most interesting aspects that was addressed in the space, was the fact that the actors who gave life to Friends, they told (imagining) what happened to each of them, once the series was over.

Jennifer Aniston, for example, suggested that her character Rachel and Ross were married:

Let’s say we get married. We end up getting married and have some children, and you keep playing with bones, “he pointed out, pointing to actor David Schwimmer.

For her part, Courtney Cox imagined Monica focused on raising her children:

“I think Monica is still very competitive. Her kids are probably not even inside, they’ve probably graduated, but she’s still in charge of the bake sale at elementary school, she just has to keep things going. “

Something similar did Lisa Kudrow, who also imagined a familiar environment for Phoebe and Mike (Paul Rudd):

“Phoebe is married to Mike. They are probably in Connecticut; they had kids and I think she was the advocate for her kids who were a little different and all the other kids who were a little different, creating the arts program and all that. “

Lastly, Matt LeBlanc noted regarding his character Joey: “I think he probably opened a sandwich shop in Venice Beach.”

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