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At PlayStation they seem to understand that the future is to take their franchises beyond consoles. After the jump of some games to the PC, the next step is mobile phones, according to announced the president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Jim Ryan.

According to the executive, the company is in the first stage of the process of “getting PlayStation’s own franchises from consoles.” This started a while ago with the arrival of Horizon zero dawn Y Predator to the PC, launches that were a success. Therefore, there is no reason not to do it again.

The next step is the world of mobile phones. “This year we are going to start publishing some of our iconic franchises on mobile phones,” reveals Jim Ryan. The executive assures that the start will be slow and that it will not leave them many benefits, but that as more games are released and they learn from the experience, the contribution of the world of PC and mobile phones will be “more and more important with the passing weather”.

There are no specific details yet on which will be the first PlayStation names to hit phones, but titles like Gran Turismo, Uncharted or God of war they could well be the first candidates.

More than one will surely wonder the reasons for doing this, since the PlayStation ecosystem has given Sony very good results. But the strategy has a very simple reason: the company believes that consoles will be less and less relevant within the business and that the future lies in the offering of software and services.

Yes OK Sony projects that the PlayStation 5 is going to have a market share similar to that of the PS4, they also understand that the sale of mobiles and PCs is higher, and that ignoring them would be a mistake.

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