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The captcha they have evolved over time; they started with a simple click in a checkbox, until the user select images with boats or bicycles. But a Spanish programmer has taken the idea further than ever: now, to verify that you are a human, you will have to play Doom.

Strictly speaking, it is a captcha inspired by Doom. To complete it, you need to eliminate four enemies, moving the scope with the mouse towards the position of the enemies and doing click to fire the shotgun. If the objective is not reached in the indicated time, the captcha It fails (and the one who tried it is probably not human).

Now this is not a Doom in 3D or pseudo 3D like the original. The captcha it is nothing more than a 2D image, with enemies appearing in different positions. However, it has the music from the original game and also the sound of the shotgun itself, so as a substitute it works perfect.

However, Miguel Camps Orqueza, the creator of this captcha, ensures that you do not take it too seriously. First, because he did it just for fun and second, because as he explains himself, “if you know how to write code then it will be very easy to break the security of this.” Anyway, that is not as important as that the captcha John Carmack himself, creator of the mythical game, liked it.

John Carmack has seen it and liked it, no money can pay for that. John Carmack has seen it and liked it, there is no money that pays for this. ❤️

& mdash; ☢️ Miquel ☢️ (@vivirenremoto) May 26, 2021

And how could it be otherwise, just like in the Doom classic, there is also cheat codes. For example, him captcha it can be completed by typing the letters IDDQD once the timer starts running.

While a security door like this may never be seen on websites, the project serves to demonstrate that security doors captcha they can be more fun than just clicking on images of traffic lights.

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