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For some time now, Facebook had been taking various actions to combat fake news about COVID-19. However, a recent change has occurred and the social network will no longer delete posts saying that COVID-19 was created in a laboratory.

This comes after the president of the United States, Joe Biden, asked the scientific community to increase efforts to investigate how the virus emerged, within a maximum period of 90 days. The objective is to know if the coronavirus was indeed transferred to humans from an animal or if it was the result of a laboratory accident.

The fact that this theory is now part of the official narrative of the US government has resulted in Facebook now allowing publications -conspiracy or not- to exist regarding whether the coronavirus was created by man.

From the social network they assure that this measure was taken because of the new investigation and that at the same time they continue to work with health experts regarding what is happening with the pandemic. And therefore, the policies on what is allowed to publish or not will change as new details become known.

Even so, this theory about the artificial origin of the coronavirus does not have much support among the scientific community. Although no hypothesis has been ruled out so far within the investigations carried out on the matter, researchers consulted by the New York Times they believe the chances of it having originated in a laboratory are very low.

“Instead, there is sufficient evidence that these types of diseases belong to wildlife,” explains Peter Daszak, infectologist at the EcoHealth Alliance. “And before there have been cases of infections that are transferred to people who are exposed to these animals.”

Some of the scientists consulted also reveal that they are just opening up to comment on the origin of the coronavirus. And this happens now and not before because there was too much pressure because of the Donald Trump administration and those who supported it: people very inclined to believe and share conspiracy theories without any scientific basis, according to the researchers.

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