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Ian Hubert is an audiovisual creator who has become famous in his circle for his one-minute tutorials in which he teaches how to use the Blender tool. And now, Hubert has released the first episode of his web series, created precisely using Blender.

This is the first episode of Dynamo Dream, which shows the adventures of a salad seller through the dystopian, futuristic and cyberpunk city of Sunset District. But perhaps the most interesting thing about the project, in addition to the tone and its staging, is that much of the setting is based on computer-generated graphics.

With the exception of the actors, most of the elements that make up the images have been created in Blender; both the floating fax machines such as the rocket, the train moving through the city or the structure of the metropolis in general are special effects. The same, the crowds of people who are seen doing various activities in the streets.

Dynamo Dream’s visual work is certainly impressive on every level. And above all, because beyond the fantasy presented, the universe looks realistic.

The production of this chapter took three years and the complete process is detailed in the Ian Hubert Patreon. In addition, much of his knowledge in Blender has been shared with the community, publishing tutorials in which he quickly explains how to make different elements or animations using the platform.

The author says that his goal from now on is to ensure that the next chapter of Dynamo Dream does not take three years to premiere.

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