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There is still very little that humanity knows about Mars, that is why we marvel at each of the images that come to us from the Red Planet.

One of the most surprising in recent weeks has been captured by NASA’s Curiosity rover, which has recorded some unique photographs of clouds on Mars.

“Squalls full of ice crystals that scattered the light of the setting sun, some of them shining with color,” says an entry on the NASA site.

According to the agency, clouds are rare in the planet’s atmosphere, but they usually form at its equator during the coldest time of the year.

The images, as well as impressive, bring new insights to the team behind the space exploration vehicle. In fact, scientists consider these clouds to be higher than what is usually expected on Mars.

Those in charge believe these are ice clouds caused by frozen carbon dioxide, which could reveal much more about the Martian skies.

NASA has also explained that these clouds were easier to see with the black and white navigation cameras that Curiosity carries, but that the color record better shows the brightness of the clouds.

Finally, these images also serve to remind us that Mars is not a static planet as was once thought, but that it has a changing climate and that it may have had life in the distant past.

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