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In recent days, the inhabitants of Vilnius in Lithuania have had a huge screen circulate where you can see the streets of the city of Lublin, in Poland.

What is unique about this is that Polish neighbors can also do the same with the Lithuanian city.

It is an innovative project that seeks to communicate both locations. This idea has something of science fiction, since it has been inspired by the popular television series Stargate.

Go Vilnus is the organization in charge of this work and its objective is to help better connect the people who inhabit the two cities, something that makes a lot of sense in this context in which we are living.

The portals have been installed in two key places in the cities and, although it is not possible to cross them, they do allow us to see what is on the other side in real time and in real size.

“It is a bridge that unifies and an invitation to overcome prejudices and disagreements that belong to the past,” explain the creators of the project.

The portal was built by engineers from the Vilnius University of Technology and its manufacture spanned five years. The circular screen has an internet connection and also has a webcam to record what is in front of it. Basically, it is a giant device that can be used to make a video call.

Its circular shape is due to the fact that the authors wanted to represent the wheel of time, in addition to generating the idea of ​​a visual bridge, that is, a device that allows us to see in another part of the world live.

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