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KIA never ceases to amaze. Every time you introduce a new model or redesign an existing one, the feeling you leave is one of total impression. This is the case of the new MPV Carnival 2022, a minivan which looks more like an SUV with sliding doors.

The surprises don’t end with the exterior design. Inside the SX Prestige version we find two recliners in the second row of seats, while the SX has bench seats in the second and third rows. The recliner-type seats are called VIP and are very comfortable: they can be arranged in such a way that it almost seems that you are lying down, in addition, at your fingertips you will have a 12-inch monitor where you can watch your favorite movie (the entertainment system includes the app from Netflix).

After driving the SX and SX Prestige versions for a day, we found few differences. One is the seating arrangement, as already mentioned, but also its finish: SX Prestige has real leather seats vs. the synthetic leather of the SX, as well as the inclusion of two sunroof above the first and second rows.

Another feature we loved about the Prestige was the digital instrument display that ties together as one with the infoentertainment, a touch of technological sophistication that reminds us of Mercedes-Benz. This version also includes a Bose sound system with crystal-clear acoustics.

When it comes to power, the two versions share the same 3.5-liter V6 gasoline engine and an eight-speed transmission. The safety systems are the same: collision avoidance, lane assist and more.

To be honest, we don’t recommend buying the SX; we opted for the SX Prestige. The price difference is around $ 5,000, but the benefits are worth it. The Carnival SX is valued at $ 42,770; the SX Prestige at $ 47,770.

With the arrival of the KIA MPV Carnival we predict that the segment of the minivans it becomes competitive. Now the Chrysler Pacifica already has someone with whom to dispute a face-to-face.

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