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We are already used to the value of companies and cryptocurrencies skyrocketing after some mention of Elon Musk on his Twitter account.

This is what just happened with Baby Shark, after the tycoon recommended this popular children’s song on social networks.

Following Musk’s pronouncement on this piece, his followers flocked to invest in Samsung Publishing, one of the companies behind the South Korean studio in charge of the song.

What happened?

It all started with a unique meme competition from an old chapter of South Park, shared on social networks by the official account of this series.

Former YouTube personalities including singer Chocolate Rain, Leave Britney Alone star, Afro Ninja, Star Wars Kid, Laughing Baby and Dramatic Chipmunk take part in the scene. All of them are fighting to defend the title of greatest internet star.

Of course, from his frequent showcase on Twitter, Elon Musk also wanted to participate in this debate. Baby Shark crushes them all! More visualizations than humans, “said the founder of SpaceX.

The meme stars battle it out.

& mdash; South Park (@SouthPark) June 1, 2021

With more than 8,700 million views, for a few months, Baby Shark has been the most viewed video on YouTube, even surpassing Despacito.

After Musk’s brief release, shares in Samsung Publishing (unrelated to tech) rose as much as 8.76 percent to close at 47,300 won at the end of the day, 6.29 percent higher than the day before. All this thanks to the mention of the millionaire.

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