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According to scientists, Iceland’s Fagradalsfjall volcano last erupted 900 years ago, until the giant, which rises near Reykjavik, erupted again in March.

It was a historic event that motivated the renowned youtuber Joey Helms to pilot his drone towards the mountain to closely record the incandescent lava that flowed from the massif.

The problem is that it was so much the enthusiasm of its pilot, that at one point he did not realize it and brought the unmanned aircraft too close to the volcano, in fact it ended up crashing with it.

Of course, the device ended up being consumed by the lava from the volcano and its owner never heard from it again. The good news, at least for viewers, is that the eventful record was recorded thanks to the camera carried by the drone.

The images are so spectacular that Helms himself admits that it seems as if everything was assembled, or prepared beforehand.

The video, which shows us how the ship glides over the path of magma that is leaving the Fagradalsfjall. We can also see closely the “mouth” of the massif, which is precisely the place where the accident occurs.

“Around the volcano where the hot gases are emitted, they cause turbulence around it and there are hot rocks that rain down on you. Flying these things here is even more complicated, “said Helms in a Daily Mail article.

Thus, this youtuber may have lost his precious drone, we can at least enjoy an unprecedented look at a volcano in full eruption.

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