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The Moto G100 is the highlight of the Moto G series to date, for features like 5G connectivity, Wi-Fi 6 compatibility, Snapdragon 870 processor, and a 90Hz refresh rate display. We put our hands on it and we tell you our experience, it is convenient to talk now about some tricks to get the best out of it.

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Tricks to get the best out of the Moto G100

Ready for

If you don’t know, the Moto G100 includes the Ready For platform from the factory, which allows you to “transform” it into a laptop, game console and even multimedia player. Of course, you must have an external monitor, a USB-C to HDMI cable and a wireless mouse and keyboard.

Ready For runs automatically, when you link the display big with the phone, and in cases where you don’t have a mouse, the smartphone becomes a touch panel. Everything you need to know about this experience can be found in the Moto G100 review.

Screen “fluid”

To activate the maximum refresh rate on the Moto G100 – which by the way is a display 6.7-inch CinemaVision and HDR10 compliant — you must go Setting and locate the section Screen. Once here, display the tab Advanced Options and click on Update frequency of screen. Among the options, choose 90 Hz, which means that the panel will update its image 90 times in one second.

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Just for you to take it into account, this option affects the autonomy of the cell phone, that is, it uses more battery, although we are talking about a 5,000 mAh power source.

Shared Wifi

The Moto G100 is one of those cell phones that allows others to connect to the local Wi-Fi without complications. Open the list of available networks by pressing the Wi-Fi icon in the quick settings panel and identify and click on the connection to which the G100 is connected; click on Share and verify your identity. To connect the other mobile it is only necessary to scan the QR code from it with a app like Google Lens, for example.

Cheats for the Moto G100

This process is especially useful if you don’t want to dictate the password (or you forgot what it was).

Screenshot with three fingers

On most Android phones, taking a screenshot requires pressing the power and volume down buttons at the same time for one second. The Moto G 100 has this functionality enabled, but it also lets them do it by putting three fingers on it. display.

Cheats for the Moto G100

Once you are in the section Screen, within Setting, open the tab Advanced Options and click on Capture with three fingers. Activate it and, if you prefer, do a test on how this alternative works.

Interactive screen

To have a glimpse of the notifications that come to you without having to turn on the phone, the recommendation is to activate the function of Interactive screen, found in Advanced Options from the section Screen, within Setting.

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When you pick up your phone, the lock screen is activated and when you click on the notification of a Messenger message or Gmail email, you will know what it is about, and even other options are enabled that you can access with just a drag of your finger.

A selfie with a gesture

It is not always easy to reach the shutter of the camera, especially when taking a selfie group. Well, the Moto G100 gives the possibility of taking this type of photograph with a gesture: showing the palm of the hand.

Head to the camera settings, the gear icon displayed on the top right of the app Of camera. In the section AI settings, activates the option Selfie with a gesture. Now yes, every time you show the palm of your hand, you will see a sign that indicates the right moment when the photograph will be taken.

Cheats for the Moto G100

If you prefer, in this same section you can also activate the function that allows an automatic capture when all the subjects are smiling.

With simple movements

Cheats for the Moto G100

Like other Motorola cell phones, various functions can be activated on the Moto G100 with simple movements, even without the need for the phone to be active. We mention some of these.

  • Instant camera. The wrist should be rotated quickly a couple of times.
  • Touch control. You need to press the power key twice to access the quick shortcut panel.
  • Flashlight. The flashlight is turned on or off by shaking the device twice.
  • Do not interrupt mode. Just turn the phone — screen down — to enable Do Not Disturb.
  • Be quiet. The phone must be lifted to silence the ringer.

To activate these alternatives, it is necessary to open the Moto application, click on the three horizontal stripes in the upper left corner and choose gestures. Here you can also deactivate those that you do not consider necessary.

Battery percentage

If you are one of those who prefer to see the percentage of battery remaining, it is possible to enable this function on the Moto G100.

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On Setting, go to the section of Drums; already here, activate the option Battery percentage. Now yes, this is already displayed in the status bar.

Share with Nearby

Send files to other Android devices without the need for a data connection or internet access, is the promise of Share with Nearby.

Obviously, the mobile that will receive the files must also be compatible with this standard, which is activated from the quick settings panel.

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Among the sharing alternatives —when you want to send content to another user— the option to Nearby. If chosen, the phone will begin searching for a nearby device to receive, with prior authorization, the information.

Personalization even in the icons

It is possible to give the Moto G100 a very personal touch, from choosing the font to the shape of the application icons. There are also some pre-defined themes already, to save you the hassle.

Cheats for the Moto G100

To create or choose the one you like the most, go to Setting and then to Screen. In the options that are displayed, choose Styles.

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