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Netflix decided to suspend the series Jupiter’s Legacy. This means that the production will no longer have a second season.

The streaming platform reviewed the numbers that the first cycle of the series produced and made the determination to release all the actors from their contracts.

Despite the fact that the bet never managed to fully convince viewers, the company’s decision is surprising, since the first season has barely been released.

Also, the series took its time to tell the story, and a big surprise that occurs in the third issue of the Mark Millar comic, from which it is inspired, has not yet been revealed.

The production decided to take some distance with what was narrated in the comic and preferred to explore the past of the superheroes, which could have ended up disappointing viewers.

The series belongs to the Millarworld label, which is owned by Netflix. The company has already approved the realization of a live action series based on Supercrooks, another Mark Millar comic that is set in the same universe as Jupiter’s Legacy.

In this case, the story follows a group of supercriminals who decide to carry out the biggest robbery in Spain, the only place in the world where there are no superheroes.

What Netflix has just done does not go unnoticed and this cancellation may open the debate about how worn out productions that address the theme of superheroes can be on different streaming platforms.

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