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TerraPower and PacifiCoro, power companies owned by billionaires Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, respectively, plan to start their first nuclear reactor project.

This work will be installed at the site of a coal plant in Wyoming, United States, which will soon be shut down. The exact construction site of the nuclear plant will be announced later this year.

What will it consist of?

The project will have a 345-megawatt sodium-cooled fast reactor with molten salt-based energy storage that could boost system power up to 500 megawatts, at least during peak periods.

According to Gates, plants with this type of reactor are safer and cost less than traditional nuclear power.

This 345 megawatt plant is estimated to produce enough power for some 250,000 homes. It could also produce hydrogen, which is used to power trucks and other fuel cell vehicles.

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“We believe that Natrium will change the rules of the game for the energy industry,” Gates said at a press conference, quoted by the AP agency.

Those in charge have also indicated that the plant will be a multi-million dollar project, with costs that will be divided between the government and private industry.

For his part, the governor of the state, Mark Gordon, affirmed that “nuclear energy is clearly part of the global energy strategy” of Wyoming, which is the main producer of coal in the country.

He also indicated that they do not plan to abandon any of the current fossil fuel industries.

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