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The E3 video game fair (short for Electronic Entertainment Expo) is every gamer’s mecca. With 26 years of history (the first edition was held in 1995), E3 has earned the title of being the most anticipated event by practically gamers around the world. And there’s good reason for it: the press conferences – which historically are the raison d’être of E3 – have been elaborate window displays to showcase memorable games, several that eventually became classics. With its 2021 edition on the horizon, we review the best moments in E3 history.

10. Xbox 360 Slim free (E3 2010)

A couple of years before he became the architect of the disastrous Xbox One launch, Don Mattrick starred in a moment that no attendee of the Xbox E3 2010 press conference will forget. After reciting a hyper-controlled speech by Microsoft’s marketing department, Mattrick did something of a magic act. He talked about his vision for all-in-one entertainment (the one that sparked the disastrous launch of the Xbox One) and showed off the new Xbox 360 Slim, which he hatched from the old Xbox 360.

“This is your new Xbox 360,” he told attendees. The console had a glossy finish that, with lighting also hyper-controlled by the production department, looked like the world’s most desirable object. “It will be available later this week, unless they are here, because in that case they will come out with a complimentary console,” Mattrick said. Reporters present broke their hands in applause.

9. Xbox presents Gears of war (E3 2005)

In retrospect, the first trailer for Gears of war —Which Peter Moore presented at the Xbox conference at E3 2005— is lousy compared to the gem that is “Last Day,” the glorious promo for Gears of war 2 set to music with “How it ends”. Peter Moore described it as an “awesome” game. The term perhaps fell short to describe the impact it had Gears of war and what it meant to Xbox and its fans.

8. Demo of Halo 2 (E3 2003)

The Xbox press conference at E3 2003 was memorable. In the catalog of the first Xbox there were games like an adaptation of the then graphically surprising Doom 3, the fun The Simpsons Hit & Run or the extraordinary Star Wars: Knights of the Old RepublicNot to mention that their service, Xbox Live, offered something that seemed impossible on the PlayStation 2 and Game Cube: online gaming.

But in the style of Apple, Xbox had something more to show. The icing on the cake of the Xbox conference at E3 2003 was a demo of Halo 2, technically surprising for the time. The game didn’t debut until a year later and then it became clear that Bungie had to adjust its graphics aspirations to the limitations of the Xbox, then seen as an all-powerful machine. The looks of the public that witnessed that demo say it all.

7. Gabe Newell appears at the 2010 PlayStation conference

The saying goes that “with money the dog dances”, and something like that did PlayStation with Gabe Newell in his presentation at E3 2010. PlayStation, which was then in a fierce fight with Xbox for dominance of the seventh generation of consoles, made the most iconic face that playing on PC is better than on consoles swallowed his words (Newell went so far as to say that he would never develop a game for the PS3) and appeared at the Sony conference to announce an adaptation of Portal 2. “I want to thank everyone at Sony for their hospitality and for not repeatedly hitting me in the face,” Newell said, prompting laughter from the audience.

Portal 2 It also debuted on the Xbox 360, but the tickets from Sony Computer Entertainment caused Newell to come out with a statement in which he assured that the version of Portal 2 PlayStation 3 would be the best available on consoles.

6. Xbox Announces Backward Compatibility on Xbox One (E3 2015)

Don Mattrick was still employed by Microsoft, but after the disastrous presentation of the Xbox One that he led at E3 2013, his leadership was diluted in favor of the figure of Phil Spencer. He was the one who headlined the Xbox conference at E3 2015, presumably inaugurating Xbox’s policy of giving its fans whatever they want. And one of the first requests Uncle Phil fulfilled was to give Xbox One backward compatibility.

5. Sony announces the price of the PlayStation (E3 1995)

The first edition of E3, held in 1995, did not show the glamor that the editions held 20 years later achieved, with conferences at majestic venues such as the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles. In fact, the press conferences were held on the same stage.

Sony, making its debut in the video game industry, took advantage of the first E3 to present its PlayStation. Its then main competitor, Sega, did the same with the Saturn. Sega announced that its console would hit stores almost at the end of the conference for $ 399. In response, Sony said that they would do theirs a couple of months later (on September 9, 1995) for $ 299. According to the chronicle of that conference recorded in the book Console wars by Blake J. Harris, Tom Kalinske, then CEO of Sega, released a oh shit! He barely heard the Sony exec say “299.”

4. PlayStation shows how to share games on the PS4 (E3 2013)

If in 1995 Sony gave a lecture on how to make firewood from the fallen tree and take advantage of the mistakes of the rival, in 2013 it repeated the movement accentuating the clumsiness with which Microsoft debuted the Xbox One. While Don Mattrick earned the fury of thousands of gamers Around the world by setting absurd locks to the way you play video games on a console (including the inability to share or lend a physical game), Sony won their affection by showing that on the PS4 everything would be as gamers knew it. And that meant that to share a game you only had to give the game disc to someone else.

3. Remake of Final Fantasy VII (E3 2015)

Yes, the end result was far from the expectation generated by years and years of hype. But the relationship between Square Enix and its fans had a kind of golden moment when the company showed the trailer of the long-awaited remake at the PlayStation press conference at E3 2015. Fans had to wait five years for a game that didn’t meet their expectations, but the sentiment that ran through them when they saw the on-screen Buster Sword and hair with the impossible spikey hairstyle. Cloud Strife probably had no equal.

2. Miyamoto carries the Master Sword to show Zelda Twilight Princess (E3 2004)

And on the subject of satisfied fans and games that ended up not as extraordinary as they were supposed to be, Shigeru Miyamoto caused microinfarctions in thousands of Zelda fans at the Nintendo conference at E3 2004. Nintendo had just released an extraordinary Zelda video game (The Wind Waker) that disappointed some fans by using cartoonish graphics. The GameCube, a console that is supposed to have superior graphics power than the PlayStation 2, was supposed to have a Zelda “with realistic graphics.” Nintendo fulfilled the fan’s whim when it showed the trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, that crowned with an approach to a Link similar to his representation in Smash Bros. Melee. Then, Miyamoto appeared to the side with replicas of the Master Sword and the Hylian Shield. Conference attendees must have been hoarse with so many screams.

1. The PlayStation Conference (E3 2016)

That Sony had chosen the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles for its press conference at E3 2016 was in itself quite suggestive, but not even the most fanciful of the nearly 3,500 attendees had a clue of what was coming. A live orchestra set the epic performance of God of war, a real-time demo played by Cory Barlog himself.

One would have expected the pace to drop, but PlayStation kept on full throttle for the hour and a half the conference lasted. We saw the return of Hideo Kojima with Death stranding, a fantastic video game of Spider-man, more of the then enigmatic Resident Evil 7, the gameplay visually stunning Horizon zero dawn and we even knew the release date of The Last Guardian. In the middle of the show, the sensation among the press was that PlayStation “had won at E3.”

The PlayStation conference at E3 2016 transcended because throughout its duration it featured extraordinary games masterfully presented. And video game fans are looking forward to seeing some great games at E3.

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