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Electronic Arts finally announced the new installment of Battlefield, titled Battlefield 2042 and that from the name it already reveals that it is a game set in the future and that it will not have a traditional campaign mode.

The game trailer serves as a good look at what to expect in the game; Apparently, by the year 2042 climate change will have wreaked havoc on the planet, as seen in the various settings presented.

But in Battlefield the important thing has always been the large-scale game modes. In the current generation versions (PC, Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5) there will be support for up to 128 simultaneous players in some game modes, which will revolve around what is already known for the franchise: massive battles, with different objectives and destruction of buildings and environment on a large scale.

So far, DICE has announced two great gaming experiences, according to the Official site. In what they call All-Out Warfare modes will be included Conquest Y Breakthrough, that will have support for all 128 players at the same time on current consoles, although on previous generation consoles the maximum will be 64 players.

The second great experience is the call Hazard Zone, although from DICE they do not specify what it is exactly beyond that it will combine “tense moments of gameplay with the best of sandbox of Battlefield ”.

And finally, there is a third division in the game modes that for now is unknown and it is only indicated that it will be a new way of playing Battlefield, as well as “a love letter” for fans of the old school.

With the current information, there are a couple of questions that remain. The exclusion of a traditional campaign mode does not merit further discussion; the previous titles’ campaigns are generally forgettable and the substance of Battlefield she’s always been in multiplayer, so it doesn’t seem like anyone is going to miss her too much.

Instead, will there be some kind of battle royale? The irruption of titles like PUBG and Fortnite changed the landscape of shooting games and Activision read it very well by adding Warzone to Call of Duty, as a completely free mode. Currently, Warzone It is an absolute success that no one would question.

Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042, For its part, it will be priced at $ 70 in current-generation versions ($ 60 on Xbox One and PS4). And in 2021, perhaps it is not bad that a video game with this theme does not have a campaign mode, but to launch at a more than full price and without (until now) the option to battle royaleIt seems like a risky bet.

The new Battlefield 2042 It will go on sale next October 22 and there will be a new gameplay presentation on June 13, within the week of E3 2021.

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