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Which media player is best positioned in the confrontation between Roku Express 4K vs. Fire TV Stick Lite? In each of the categories, the devices compete as true champions of entertainment.

The following guide, rather than giving an absolute winner, aims to emphasize the benefits of both, as well as one or another weak point. With this, the end user is the one who will give the final vote for any of these proposals.

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Streaming platforms

Netflix, Apple TV Plus, YouTube, Disney Plus, DirecTV Go, HBO … Hard to miss any service in streaming on the Fire TV Stick Lite and Roku Express 4K. As we have said before, the offer of movies and series is more related to the number of platforms that each person can pay, although there are also endless video options at no cost.

Perhaps the difference that can be stated is the interface with which each device presents these entertainment alternatives. While the Fire TV Stick Lite immediately highlights content to view from different platforms, the launch of the Roku Express 4K is easier: it highlights only the apps from streaming, that is, it does not focus on specific series or movies.

Streaming platforms on the Roku Express 4K.

For the undecided, the main interface of the Fire TV Stick Lite will suit them better, while those who already know what to see, that of the Roku Express 4K.

Winner: Fire TV Stick


Both the Roku Express 4K and the Fire TV Stick Lite are compatible with the 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies, which means that if you have an internet connection dual band, the devices can be connected to the network that offers them the best performance in terms of speed.

If we had to recommend one, it would be the 5 GHz one, since it offers more optimal speeds, which affects when watching content on streaming.

In the navigation, the players present a fluid performance through the different screens, as well as in the reproduction, which will be more than convenient for those who tend to “marathon” some nights.

Winner: tie


In its specs, the Roku Express 4K is ready for 4K and HDR content, while the Fire TV Stick Lite plays Full HD at full resolution.

Fire TV Stick Lite interface

If we are honest, those who have a next generation 4K television may not think about integrating a media player, since it gives them a complete entertainment experience in streaming. The gadgets Amazon’s and Roku’s are more viable for high-resolution displays that may not be quite smart.

In this scenario, both players do their best to deliver images with vivid colors and an optimal level of contrast. Yes, the quality of the internet connection and the big screen also comes into play here. However, if you have Full HD and about 10 or 20 Mbps per second, the experience is satisfactory.

Either way, there is no denying the fact that the Roku supports 4K – there will be a fan of the brand connecting it to their display recent generation – which is why there is only one victor here.

Winner: Roku Express 4K

Remote control

Remote control of the Fire TV Stick Lite.

Each of the controls has its advantages and disadvantages. The one on the Roku Express 4K boasts direct access to services such as Netflix, Spotify, Apple TV Plus and HBO Max, but not the one on the Fire TV Stick Lite. The latter, on the other hand, does include a button to search for content by voice through Alexa; using voice commands on the Roku option requires going to the app mobile phone or purchase the remote control that integrates the corresponding button.

Other differences is that the user must point the remote control towards the Roku Express 4K with the intention of executing a certain action. That requires putting the device in a visible area, perhaps to the side of the TV.

The Fire TV Stick Lite sits on the back of the screen and your Bluetooth controller just needs to be close to it to operate optimally.

Winner: tie

Mobile app

The apps Roku and Fire TV mobiles give the possibility to operate both the Roku Express 4K and the Fire TV Stick Lite, respectively, so there is no problem if one day the remote control is not found.

As we advance lines back, the Roku digital control includes an access to make voice searches, as well as the option of listening in private, which allows you to send the sound of what is reproduced on the screen to the cell phone or the headphones linked to it, which is convenient so as not to interrupt the sleep of those who fall into the clutches of Morpheus while watching a movie or series at night, especially.

In general, the app The Roku has a greater sense of interactivity than the Fire TV, although both fulfill their mission of controlling the player with which they are compatible.

Winner: Roku Express 4K


In Mexico, the two players are listed at $ 1,199 pesos, so it will be difficult for the user to decide between one and the other, if he does not want to spend that amount of money. They are input proposals by the manufacturers, but this does not affect the entertainment experience at all, that is, they are devices that cover 100 percent that need to give a more intelligent touch to a conventional screen.

The fact that the Roku gear supports 4K gives it a notch above, but otherwise they are pretty much on the same level.

Winner: Roku Express 4K


Roku Express 4K
The Roku Express 4K is also compact in size.

At home, it is almost certain that there will be an HDMI screen that requires intelligent access to enjoy all kinds of platforms. streaming and other video services. That’s where the Roku Express 4K and Fire TV Stick Lite fit perfectly.

The user experience provided by both is highly intuitive, so choosing one over the other will depend more on the loyalty you have with a certain brand.

Who writes these lines just had a first approach with a Roku player, and it was satisfactory (the Fire TV Stick Lite had reigned in the bedroom screen). So, the good experience is guaranteed in either of the two; the problem will be, in any case, to choose a series or movie to which to give play.

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