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There are those of us who have trouble performing two actions at the same time. And perhaps this happens to us more frequently when we walk pending the screen of our telephone.

It is a common problem, typical of these times, that happens to many people. For this reason, an industrial design student developed a very particular solution.

Minwook Paeng created a high-tech third eye that can be placed on a person’s forehead to look for obstacles when walking, while the user’s “real” eyes are focused only on the device’s screen. It’s basically made for addicted people who can’t get rid of their cell phone.

According to the inventor, his creation can be an improvement for people, since many spend more time in front of the screen than interacting with the real world.

Thus, any street or obstacle on the road can become a hazard.

How does it work?

This third eye created by the young man consists of a translucent plastic case that is fixed directly to the user’s forehead with a thin gel pad.

Inside the plastic eye there is a small speaker, a gyro sensor and a probe.

The gyroscope detects when the person’s head is tilted downward, then it opens the plastic lid of the eye and the probe begins to monitor the area in front of the person. When it encounters an obstacle, it warns the user through the connected loudspeaker.

“The black component that looks like a pupil is an ultrasonic sensor to detect distance. When there is an obstacle in front of the user, the ultrasonic sensor detects it and informs the user through a connected buzzer, ”says Paeng.

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