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This week, the classic iPhone 3G is celebrating its birthday: it celebrates thirteen years since it was launched on June 9, 2008. Despite the passing of the years, the device is still fondly remembered by Apple users.

In fact, some try to recreate the experience of using this old device, even if it is only a simulation.

For this, Zane, an 18-year-old developer, has created an application called OldOS that recreates the look of iOS 4 on a new iPhone.

Today is Launch Day 🚀

Introducing OldOS – iOS 4 beautifully rebuilt in SwiftUI.

* 🎨 Designed to be as close to pixel-perfect as possible.
* 📱 Fully functional, perhaps even usable as a second OS.
* 🗺️ Fully open source for all to learn, modify, and build on.

& mdash; Zane (@zzanehip) June 9, 2021

This open source project uses SwiftUI for this almost pixel-perfect legacy iOS experience, down to details like the unlock slider and original wallpapers.

It also restores the original look of classic iOS applications such as Photos, Maps, Safari, and Notes.

In the case of the iPhone notch, which houses the front camera, speaker, microphone, infrared sensors and other components, it remains hidden by a thick black bar at the top of the application, which makes the experience much more genuine (it didn’t exist ten years ago).

Of course, the developer of this app recognizes that there are elements that were impossible to move and make to work as they did originally, such as the Messages application and the start button. Anyway, the whole set is quite striking and even usable as a secondary operating system.

Finally, to install OldOS, you must first download TestFlight, which is Apple’s platform for testing applications that are still in development.

For their part, hobbyists and developers can find the project’s source code at this link.

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