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Everything indicates that Apple wants to revitalize its rumored project to create an electric car and for this, it has brought into its ranks a former employee of the automotive company BMW.

According BloombergThis is Ulrich Kranz, an executive with 30 years of experience in the German automaker. Without going any further, Kranz led the team that developed the BMW i3 and i8 vehicles, both hybrid-electric and was also part of Faraday Future, a company that is dedicated to the field of electric cars but that declared bankruptcy in 2019.

Ulrich Kranz’s experience seems to be enough for Apple to have hired him. According to knowledgeable analysts, the arrival of the executive is one of the most important hires that Apple has made for its Project Titan, which still seems to be in the early stages of development.

Apple iMove concept / © Liviu Tudoran

This Titan project has been working within Apple for years, but it has gone through several changes and difficulties along the way that have forced us to reformulate the original idea. However, since 2018 the project is in charge of Doug Field, a former Tesla employee and to whom Ulrich Kranz will report directly.

Recent Apple hires reveal that the company finally came up with a more or less defined design. Without going any further, it is believed that the production of this vehicle could begin in 2024 thanks to certain advances that Apple has made in relation to the Lidar sensors of its most recent iPhone 12.

If everything goes as Apple expects, its car would be completely electric and from 2024 it could compete very seriously in the same segment of manufacturers as the same BMW or Tesla.

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