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Like Street Fighter II, the Mortal Kombat original was also surrounded by certain myths, especially those that refer to the classic arcade of the early nineties.

Some of the myths and secrets of Mortal Kombat They were perhaps weirder than those of any other title, partly due to the general ignorance and due to the lack of internet, which made it impossible for any of them to be checked.

These are the five most popular.

Goro’s stage eyes

There was a myth that, upon reaching the Goro (Goro’s Lair) stage, the eyes that were seen at the bottom of the caves came to life and appeared attacking him or the fighters. However, this was absolutely unreal; This was not part of the game, nor was it part of the original versions, nor was it part of the pirates. It was just one of several myths that spread in the pre-internet days of Mortal Kombat.

The version you played was probably pirate

Mortal Kombat It was a very popular game in several Latin American countries and even the most modest arcade rooms managed to have the game on a machine.

However, many of us play a game Mortal Kombat that it was not original, but a pirated version that was quite widespread. This was evident from the moment the machine was turned on, as it read “Yawdim presents” and not “Midway presents.” Yawdim is Midway (the game’s developer studio) backwards.

Mortal Kombat Yawdim

But besides the name there were other differences in the fights. In the original version, the fighters had shadows that were conspicuous by their absence in the bootleg. Some sound effects were different between the two versions and the difficulty seemed higher in the original, which also played slightly faster.

Beyond these minor differences, the Yawdim version of the first Mortal Kombat it was quite faithful to the original. Probably many did not know the real one until years later.

The fatality of the three heads

The myth said that there was a variant of the fatality of Johnny Cage that allowed to explode three heads of the opponent instead of one. Was this possible or was it another fiction?

Johnny cage

Yes this fatality indeed it existed. It was about a glitch of the game and was very difficult to execute, but with enough speed Johnny Cage could behead the opponent two or even three times. The truth is that it was thought that this could be another myth of Mortal Kombat because of its difficulty, but the glitch it existed in both the original and pirated versions, it is even believed that the Yawdim version was easier to run.

Years later, this triple headlessness would become a fatality official of Mortal Kombat II and in a brutality on Mortal Kombat 11.

Could you play with Goro?

The Mortal Kombat original had nine characters, but only seven were selectable. Shang Tsung and Goro were the final bosses and for a time it was believed that in the arcade version there was a trick to select and play with the latter, which was nothing more than a myth.


But that doesn’t mean that Goro couldn’t be used in some version of Mortal Kombat. In the Game Boy edition, Goro became a playable character using a code that was entered on the final screen after finishing the game by defeating Shang Tsung. That code was simple: just press up, left (on the directional cross) and the Select and A buttons.

The red ninja

One of the most interesting myths of Mortal Kombat it had to do with the red ninja, who supposedly appeared at the bottom of The Pit stage, where they fought with Reptile, the only secret character in the game.

Strictly speaking, the red ninja did not appear in the game. What did appear, on the other hand, was the word ERMACS in a special menu of the game in which data about it were recorded and also errors that occurred. And since this word was associated with the Reptile Battles submenu, many believed that it was a second hidden ninja, who wore red (the red ninja was a glitch rare Scorpion).

Ermac MK1

What is interesting about the case is that the creators of the game used the myth to effectively create a red ninja named Ermac, who first appeared in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, in 1995; Since then, Ermac is part of the stable cast of the franchise and from time to time of modern games.

By the way, the word Ermac comes from Error Macro, which was a kind of error counter from the original machine.

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