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Google wants to attack the extortion problem through its browser, and to do so it will make some adjustments to its search algorithm.

This type of extortion is based on websites that publish false information about people, whose name appears associated with crimes on the first pages of the search engine. The extortionists then proceed to collect huge sums from the victims and, if they pay, the items are written off; if not, they stay up, in full view of all.

The measures that Google will take will prevent sites known for these practices from appearing not only in the first places, but in all search results. Which is a serious problem considering the market share that the company has, well above its competitors.

One of these measures is a list of habitual victims. When users make an official report to the company about false content published about them, Google will automatically remove the name that appears associated with similar situations.

In Google they recognize that this solution is not perfect, but that its application would have a positive impact and, as far as possible, prevent this type of extortion from proliferating as it has until now. “We cannot be the policemen of the web,” they explain in The New York Times, “But at least we can be responsible citizens.”

Some of these measures are already in operation, while others will be implemented gradually over the next few months. The objective is one: to end organizations that are dedicated to extorting innocent people through pages created only for the purpose of rank in the first places of Google.

Google originally intended search results to be as objective a reflection of the web as possible and therefore had no intention of interfering with how they are displayed. However, the alert call of so many people – known and anonymous – regarding these extortions made them reconsider.

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