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Electronic Arts, the company behind FIFA, the new Battlefield 2042 Y Need for speed (among others), has suffered a serious security breach through which hackers stole the source code of FIFA 21 and critical information about other of its products.

According to the report of Vice, the hackers posted through forums that they obtained a total of 780 GB of data. The number by itself is not that impressive, but the type of violated information is, among which is the aforementioned source code of titles such as FIFA 21 or the Frostbite graphics engine, created by EA itself and on which most of its games run.

Electronic Arts has confirmed the problem, as well as they assured that in the hack There was no compromised information related to user data and therefore, there is no risk related to the privacy of people.

EA also ensures that nothing obtained by hackers will have a major impact on their projects and that they are already working with the police to determine what happened.

For their part, hackers are already trying to sell the information obtained, which could be very relevant to EA’s main competitors. Or maybe not; It seems difficult that a rival company wants to get their hands dirty with something like this, beyond knowing what is behind the Frostbite engine.

But for now, this issue is the responsibility of the authorities and users, the important thing is to know that -until now- their data has been violated as it happened in 2011 with the PlayStation Network security breach in which there were even compromised credit card numbers.

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