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Samsung announced a new sensor for the cameras of the smartphones which, according to the South Korean, has the “smallest pixels in the sector”.

It is the ISOCELL JN1, a 50 megapixel sensor with a relatively small 1 / 2.76-inch format, which means that its pixels are only 0.64μm in size.

Samsung already broke records in 2019 with the slightly larger ISOCELL Slim GH1, 50 megapixels with a size of 0.7μm.

One might think that smaller pixels are usually associated with poorer image quality with higher noise, so the question arises as to why Samsung has opted for this release.

According to the company, it’s all about the versatility of the form factor. Thus, the smaller size allows it to be used in ultra-wide or telephoto camera modes, which are difficult to manage when the size is more generous.

Thus, the company presents its new 0.64μm sensor, which it defines as the smallest in the industry. Despite this, they claim that it would be able to offer great performance, in part because the technologies used in sensors with larger pixels have been implemented.

The company explains that the sensor incorporates a series of new technologies with which the sensitivity to light is improved by 16 percent. This would compensate for the reduction in pixel size.

Samsung has also used Smart-ISO on this sensor, which would help improve HDR. The same goes for Super PD, the brand’s phase detection focusing technology that uses more pixels to improve autofocus.

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