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Microsoft is strongly committed to the service streaming xCloud, and one of the goals is to make it available on as many devices as possible, such as your consoles.

Therefore, the company plans that xCloud will arrive on Xbox Series X and Series S this 2021, which would allow users to test the games before buying them, just as if it were a demo.

Kareen Choudhry, Cloud Playground Director, specifically mentioned that with xCloud on computers and consoles, users can be given the option to test games before downloading them; in this case, the test would be in the version streaming from xCloud. If after that test someone is interested in the native version, they can buy it without problems.

Julian Chokkattu / Digital Trends

There are still no details on the release date of xCloud on consoles and browsers, nor on how this scheme of playing titles is going to work at the moment or what connection requirements it will need. Most likely, due to network infrastructure issues, availability is limited to only some markets and not the entire world.

But there is no doubt that for Microsoft its vision of video games revolves around xCloud and Game Pass. According to Satya Nadella, the main objective is to expand the service and reach more users, and that implies looking beyond Xbox as a group of consoles, but rather bringing games to any type of device.

Everything indicates that xCloud is the right path for this goal, especially if Microsoft’s capacity as a company is taken into account, since its competitors, such as Geforce Now, are smaller.

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