This guy imitates Scorpion’s spear perfectly | Digital Trends Spanish

Those who have played Mortal Kombat, they will know that all martial arts seen in the game are purely fantasy and nothing is very replicable in real life. However, one person has gone about recreating Scorpion’s movements quite skillfully.

And when I talk about Scorpion moves I mean those that involve the throwing hook and are not deadly against another human being. As you can see in the video below, this man named Todd Robbins is quite skilled with the device in question.

Who is it Todd robbins? It’s about a filmmaker and stunt double who seems to have perfected the art of mastering a device very similar to Scorpion’s spear. Because strictly speaking, this is a dart tied to a string but it also takes a lot of skill to launch it at targets as small as a soda can.

Also, another notable detail is that some of the throws are performed while walking, jumping or in general movement. And if the above was not enough, some of them are even done with the foot and it is still just as effective, as that shattered watermelon can attest.

Definitely hope that Robbins will always use this ability for good. With great power comes great responsibility. It would not hurt to ask him if he knows how to play Mortal Kombat, if you know some of his secrets or what his favorite character is. Maybe it’s Sub-Zero, which for some reason wouldn’t be really weird.

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