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In accordance with a report from The New York Times, the Department of Justice under the presidency of Donald Trump required and seized from Apple metadata of Democratic congressmen and their work and personal environments, in order to investigate the leaks to the press about Russia.

Among the lawmakers whose data was seized are Adam Schiff, who now chairs the House Intelligence Committee, and Eric Swalwell, who was part of the Democratic primaries for the White House.

According to the article, the search for leaks began when the FBI sent a subpoena to Apple in February 2018, which included a summary secret, looking for metadata on more than 100 accounts as part of an investigation into the disclosure of classified information.

The summary secret was renewed three times before it expired this year and Apple notified customers. The House Intelligence Committee also determined that, in addition to panel members and staff, the network collected the records of family members, including those of a minor.

These seized data included those of staff members who were unrelated to Russia-related matters.

The information was confirmed to CNN by Swalwell himself, one of those affected.

“I know that’s true,” he noted.

“And I think they were targeted in a punitive manner, not for any legal reason, but because Donald Trump identified President Schiff and the members of the commission as his enemies.”

Meanwhile, the subjects of the subpoena were notified in May by Apple that the Department of Justice had issued grand jury subpoenas in February 2018 for their information.

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