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Follow live Ubisoft’s UbiForward press conference at E3 2021, this Saturday, June 12 at 12 p.m. PT. In Mexico you can follow the transmission from 2 pm, while in Chile it will begin at 3 pm In Spain the conference will begin at 7 pm

The Ubisoft conference promises to feature the expected Far Cry 6, that from the hand of actor Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking bad) promises a title with a memorable villain, and Rainbow Six Extraction, a tactical shooter game that seeks to refresh the formula of proven success with Rainbow six siege. Extensive presentations of both titles are expected. gameplay that show why they are two of the most anticipated projects of 2021.

Of course, surprises are also expected. Fans of series like Assassin’s creed could receive some good news, while the series Rayman – which hasn’t had a release since 2019 with an iOS title – could make a stellar appearance at the long-awaited conference.

Also, series like Just dance Y Rabbids they could see new deliveries. And since Ubisoft has characterized itself in recent years as a production company that is not afraid to try new franchises, its E3 UbiForward conference is likely to be the setting for millions of gamers all over the world know a new IP.

Follow the live conference with us, and remember that you can find out everything that happens at E3 in our special coverage.

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